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New Additions to the Foster Child Binder

Use these printables to help keep your foster child's paperwork organized.

A few weeks ago a reader reached out and asked me to create some extra inserts for the Foster Child Binder. Many of these documents were provided to us completed through our Foster Family Agency, because of this they were

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The Secret to Getting Through Your Foster Kids Cold and Staying Sane!

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It’s SICK SEASON!!! Everyone is getting colds, and kids pass them on so easily. It was inevitable, I knew the kiddo was going to get a cold, and of course she did. This is the first time since we adopted

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Meal Prep Tip 2- Fill in a Weekly Meal Prep Calendar (with FREE PRINTABLE!)

meal prep, food prep, meal prep calendar

Over the last few years I have gained new perspective on my eating habits and meal prep. I used to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I always had a smaller frame, but with hormonal and emotional strain from

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Meal Prep Tip 1- Make a List of your Go-To Foods (with FREE PRINTABLE!)

I will be the first to say that I LOVE PINTEREST. I really do! I also LOVE the food network and all those other fun cooking shows. But in all honesty, I just don’t have time to make most of

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Record Keeping with a Foster Parent Binder and Free Printable

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We wear so many hats as parents: nurse, therapist, teacher, master chef, chauffeur, maid, role model, child advocate and so many more. Sometimes I find that I start to lose myself in the mix, along with all of the foster

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Record Keeping with a Foster Care Child Binder and Free Printables

record keeping, foster care, binder, free printable

The foster care child binder is one of the most important tools to help you keep track of all of your kiddos very important paperwork. I found that in the foster care world, it is very rare that the people

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5 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Foster Parent Planner

Foster Parent Planner, organization, foster parent, binder

Foster parenting can be extremely overwhelming at times. Between social workers visiting, taking care of a child who has experienced trauma, possible family visits, and keeping up with your everyday life; it can all become a bit overwhelming. I find

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