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Disciplining a Foster Kiddo- The Strategies That Help Us In Our Worst Melt-Down Moments

Use this parenting strategy to hold your toddler sit and breathe

As foster parents, we do not have the liberty to resort to any sort of physical form of discipline: tapping, flicking, spanking. It was explained to us that if there was a foster kiddo in our home we were not

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2018 Foster Parent Planner

The 2018 Foster Parent Planner is here! The Foster Parent Planner has been updated with dates for the upcoming 2018 calendar year. I have also updated the weekly planner with a time blocking set up. I have found this to

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How Do I Break Her Heart?

Foster Care, Heartbreak, small children, big questions

How do I break her heart?  This is my struggle. The struggle I have thought about for the last 11 months. When we adopted our daughter 11 months ago we knew we wanted to foster again. At the time, we

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Thankful Sign, November Tradition

thankful, family, tradition, November, foster care, foster mama, foster parent,

Remembering what you are thankful for… This is an especially exciting year for us. This is our first holiday season where we are celebrating the holidays with our daughter as officially and forever ours. See, this time last year we

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From Infertility to Foster Care- How this Mama and Papa Built a Stronger Marriage

infertility, strong marriage, foster care, adopt, children

I feel compelled to write this article following the last one, and wanted to be completely real with you. Since we’ve been re-doing the floors in our house we also decided to paint the rooms that we didn’t get around

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Top 10 Books to Read to Prepare Yourself for Foster Parenting

Foster Parent, Foster care, books to read, book club

Before doing anything I over analyze and over research. Random google searches at midnight and books become my best friend. F.Y.I., I highly recommend researching through reading, not random Google searches. The internet is a black hole that can suck

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Create a Comfortable Foster Kid Bedroom Like A Pro

Use these tips to help create the perfect environment for your foster kiddos

Well life just got a little crazier in this household. We have decided that before we bring in any more kiddos, we need to replace our carpet. It’s old and yucky, and not a great color for kids (it’s white….

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Record Keeping with a Foster Parent Binder and Free Printable

foster parent, binder, record keeping, organization,

We wear so many hats as parents: nurse, therapist, teacher, master chef, chauffeur, maid, role model, child advocate and so many more. Sometimes I find that I start to lose myself in the mix, along with all of the foster

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