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Is That Your Daughter? She Looks Nothing Like You!

Foster to adoptive Mama Rants and Random Thoughts

It never surprises me that some people are so unaware about how foster care and adoption works. It has led some people to ask me some pretty strange questions, which can often come out rude, and this never surprises me

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Please Don’t Do What We Did As Foster-To-Adopt Parents

If you plan to continue fostering after the end of a placement or an adoption, don’t miss your due dates! I know that at the end of the placement, more often than not we need time to get through the

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A Reminder of What Once Was

A foster to adopt story

It has been exactly one year from the date we found out we would be adopting our daughter. One year! Sometimes the stress of waiting feels like a lifetime ago, and then I get small reminders and my heart feels

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Create A Storybook to Help Tell Your Adopted Child’s Story.

Adoption Story book, foster-care-to-adoption

The day we adopted our daughter I was anxious and excited, and incredibly overwhelmed with joy. We both realized our dreams could finally be cemented into a reality, our plan for the college fund, and the slumber parties at 13

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