Meal Prep Tip 1- Make a List of your Go-To Foods (with FREE PRINTABLE!)

I will be the first to say that I LOVE PINTEREST. I really do! I also LOVE the food network and all those other fun cooking shows. But in all honesty, I just don’t have time to make most of the meals I find. With a busy two year old I just don’t have time to cook three meals a day every day, sometimes I barely have time to cook one. Before kids cooking was therapeutic. But with a busy two-year-old, it’s just plain stressful. Some nights she’s yelling at me to pick her up, and that just doesn’t work next to a hot stove or oven. I need foods that can be reheated, prepped in advance, or take very little time but still taste good. I am a creature of habit, so our foods change seasonally, but many of our weekly foods don’t vary a whole lot, and we are all okay with that. I suggest before meal prepping and planning your week, just sit down and make a list of your go-to foods that are simple, easy and healthy, or even possibly things that you can make in advance and freeze. You can use this list to easily pull from when you are using the calendar (FREE PRINTABLE offered in the free resource library by clicking here) to plan your week. Some of the following are my personal preferences and examples to help you get started.

I use this meal prep calendar and go to list when planning my week. Keeps my whole family on track and saves us money on groceries.


Our go-to breakfast Ideas-

I’ll be completely honest. I have an oatmeal girl. Oatmeal is my breakfast food of choice. It is my ultimate go-to food. I can eat it everyday and not get bored. During the summer I love overnight oats because I don’t have to heat up the stove, and I can prepare these 2-3 days in advance.

Our two go-to breakfasts are overnight oats because toppings can give a lot of variety. So every person in our house can decide what they want on top of theirs, and this takes very little effort.

If I forget prepare overnight oats or want a serving of protein instead of grains, I like Greek yogurt. This works the same as the overnight oats. We can switch up the toppings so that we don’t get bored, and each of us can choose what we want to top it with.

To find the recipes for these, click here.

Our go-to lunch Ideas-

These are my go to summer lunches because they are quick, easy, and don’t require me to light up the stove. Often I try to make a large dinner on Saturday or Sunday so that there are leftovers for lunches, but sometimes that doesn’t work out if we have a date night, or we have a family dinner. These are some alternative easy go-to lunches we often use in our house.

Lunch prep, lunch ideas, chicken salad, wraps, busy parent

Turkey and avocado sandwich on whole grain bread with side of fruit and veggies

Turkey and cheese on whole grain bread with side of fruit and veggies

Tuna Salad wrap with side of fruit and veggies

Chicken salad wrap with side of fruit and veggies

Chicken Cesar Salad wrap with side of fruit and veggies

Over easy egg on whole grain bread with avocado.

Jelly sandwich on whole grain bread with fruit and veggies  or quesadilla (these ones are not so much for me but for my kiddo, when I’m in a pinch to get something in my kiddo’s tummy super fast these are her normal requests, so I like to have the items for these on hand

I have been super into wraps lately for both dinner and lunch because it doesn’t require me to heat up the house. Click here for some go-to summer wrap ideas.

Our go-to dinner Ideas-

Eggs and Fresh Fruit

Salmon and steamed veggie

Turkey Burger and steamed veggie

Black bean tacos

Black bean burrito bowls

Chicken Salsa

These are some of our favorite frozen foods to use for these easy dinners. I buy them from Costco.

Stocking your fridge and pantry:

Because these are my go to summer meals you will find that my fridge and pantry are always packed with this list of items below. Sometimes I become over ambitious in my meal planning calendar and realize I don’t have time to make something I’ve planned on, so I have the items from this list ready to go because they are quick easy, freezer friendly and take a while to spoil. Also as a side note, I keep bread, tortillas and wraps in my fridge because it is so hot where we live during the summer that they get moldy too fast if I leave them out.

Whole Grain Bread
Canned tuna and chicken
Shredded cheese
Dressing of choice
Jared salsa
Black beans
Brown Rice
Frozen Salmon
Frozen Chicken
Frozen turkey burgers
Lemon pepper
Olive oil

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Also, please share some of your go-to recipes. I am always looking for new and fresh easy ideas. What’s some of your go-to recipes?















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