Lucky In Luv Book Club

On a recent post I wrote on recommended foster parent reads, I suggested possibly starting up a book club where foster parents (or soon to be foster parents) would read a common book and share out strategies or Ah-Ha moments.

The group would use a closed Facebook group as it’s main source of communication. If this is something that would interest you please comment on this post or write a personal e-mail letting me know you are interested, and then register for the mailing list. Once I have enough people who have shown interest I will be able to organize this and then send out a newsletter letting you know of it’s availability.

So please… reach out. Show your interest, let’s see if we can get this parent support book club started.

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Thank You! and Happy Parenting!



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17 comments on “Lucky In Luv Book Club
  1. LeAndra Roberts says:
    I am interested in the book club. Currently, I foster a teen boy. We are open to adoption.
  2. Loryn says:
    I’m interested
  3. Rachel says:
    Hello, I am interested in the book club.
  4. Courtney says:
    Interested. I will share with some foster friends. Thanks!
  5. Jeanne Miller says:
    I'm interested!!! Just starting our journey!!
  6. Jami White says:
    I am interested!
  7. Andra says:
    I am interested in joining. Thanks for coordinating!
  8. Kimm B says:
    I would be interested in the book club

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