Gift Giving Guide From Foster Kiddo to Their Bio Family

Don’t know what to have your foster kiddo give their biological family during the holidays? Try some of these D.I.Y. ideas.

Our first Christmas with our kiddo had us contemplating on what was appropriate when it came to gift giving for biological family. My husband and I had a lot of discussions about what was appropriate. At first we were listing off gifts like gift cards and lotion, and then we soon realized that those were just material goods, and not gifts from the kiddo. At some point I came to the realization that what they craved most were pictures of her. Honestly, it’s what I crave the most as a mommy as well. The items I cherish the most are the cute footprints, hand-prints and paintings, so why wouldn’t they? They end up being the best gifts. They are sincere and sweet, and from the kiddo themselves.

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The last few years we made Christmas ornaments. You can find plain bulbs in any craft store or Target, and if they are babies their hand prints and foot prints make the cutest designs on DIY bulbs. These are some examples of bulbs from our previous Christmas’s.

The first one we used her hand to make a Christmas tree design, and the third is her hand to make a snowman design. If the kiddo is a little older and their hand may not necessarily fit the second one is a perfect idea. She placed Christmas stickers all over one side of the bulb, helped fill it with some red decorative crunchy paper, and on the opposite side is a photo of her.

Compiled below are some of the cutest handmade gift ideas to help you get started this season.You can also follow my Pinterest Board for more ideas: Gift Ideas For Biological Family

Kid Made Doily Ornaments

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We found that biological family craves pictures more than anything. Handmade picture ornaments are a perfect go-to idea, and these doily ornaments are so sweet and simple. They are also the perfect craft for the kiddo to complete on their own.  Find the directions to make these adorable ornaments at The Chaos and the Clutter, Handmade Doily Ornaments



Newspaper Frame

foster care, bio family, gift ideasThis newspaper frame is also super adorable, and includes materials that you will most likely have lying around your house. Maggy at Red Ted Art has a wonderful walk through video to help you create these Newspaper frames

I especially love this idea for foster siblings. If your foster kiddo has siblings that are not placed with you, this is the perfect gift for the kiddo to make for their sibling. These are attractive and can brighten up their siblings room with family photos.


Decorated Gift Jars

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This is another handmade gift idea that is perfect to gift towards siblings. Your kiddo can decorate the jar and then help decide a little treat to fill the jar with. Find the directions to make these decorated jars here.




Christmas Tree Hand-print Keepsake & Finger Print Wreath Keepsake Ornament

I AM OBSESSED with the cute little baby hands and feet for handmade gifts. When they are babies we have to do more of the artistic work and their little hand prints and foot prints make the perfect handmade gifts from babies. Teach Me Mommy demonstrates how to create some of the cutest handmade keepsake ornaments.

Christmas Tree Hand-print Keepsakefoster care, Christmas, gifts






Foster care, gift giving, biological family, Christmas ideasFinger Print Wreath Photo Ornament






Salt Dough Hand-print Ornament

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If you love a little shimmer in your life, head over to The Best Ideas For Kids, to create these salt dough hand-print ornaments.




Butterfly Footprint Keychains

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These are the CUTEST keychains. These are definitely on our footprint craft list this year. Head on over to The Best Ideas For Kids to make these Shrinky Dink Butterfly Keychains




 Santa Handprint Ornament & Clay Footprint Bowl

Speaking of the hand-print and footprint obsession, Messy Little Monster has some super cute ideas, with a lot of great tips and tricks on how to create these treasures. You’ll definitely want to read through the tutorials first.

These are two of my favorites:

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Santa Handprint Ornament





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Clay Footprint Bowl





Snow Globe Ornaments

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I never thought of capturing their art in a snow globe, and love this idea. Any craft keepsake that requires the kiddo to do more work than the parent is the best. It’s so much more genuine and worth keeping. The best thing we can do as foster parents is guide the kiddo into making something that is truly made by the kiddo and not by us. Head on over to The Best Ideas For Kids to learn how to capture their artwork in a snow globe. It’s really important to read her tutorial because the picture must be drawn on a specific material to get it just right in the bulb.



Christmas Tree Stick Ornament

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This Christmas Tree Stick Ornament is another project that requires the kiddo to do more work than the parent. Of course, little ones may need a little guidance or help with glue, but these are so cute, and I love that it shows off their artistic abilities.




BUT…. What if I Don’t Have Time to Make any of These?

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Some of you are probably screaming at me. Yes, these are adorable, but I don’t have time for that. Between visits, and social workers, and parenting, and all of those other things that come with life I just don’t have time. It’s OKAY! Something like this is also a great gift. You can find these ornament frames just about anywhere during the holidays. The kiddo can help you pick one out, and find an adorable photo of themselves.


Need more ideas? Follow me on Pinterest.

I’d also love create a community of sharing. What have you found as great gifts for you foster kiddos to give to their biological family members?

Thanks for sharing and happy parenting,

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2 comments on “Gift Giving Guide From Foster Kiddo to Their Bio Family
  1. Shelah says:
    Homemade gifts are the perfect way for families to connect over the holidays. This collection is awesome!
    • Erin Marie Erin Marie says:
      Thank you! They are the best gifts. When I look at what I have been given in previous years I don't remember the gifts people have purchased, but I always always remember the stuff I have been made and I still have it. Homemade gifts are the best!

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