Easy to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

This method of Hard-boiled eggs actually works. I have tried so many ways, and this is the only one that I have found that makes perfect hard boiled eggs EVERY SINGLE TIME!

The best part of this snack is that it is kid friendly and easy. I never thought my daughter would like hard-boiled eggs, but she loves them with a little bit of salt and pepper. I meal prep 18 eggs in the beginning of the week as easy grab-and-go snacks for us, and she eats them up. She also looooves peeling them. She thinks it’s fun!

First Step:

Boil your water. Leave the eggs in the fridge until your water is boiling.

Second Step:

Use a slotted spoon to get them in their without breaking.

Hard-boiled eggs

Third Step:

Boil for 12 minutes.

Fourth Step:

Get an ice bath ready, when your 12 minutes are up you are going to use your slotted spoon to gently place your eggs in for 15 minutes.

Hard-boiled Eggs

Fifth Step:

Dry them off and store.

snacks, easy to peel hard boiled eggs

Happy Peeling,

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