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Top 10 Books to Read to Prepare Yourself for Foster Parenting

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Before doing anything I over analyze and over research. Random google searches at midnight and books become my best friend. F.Y.I., I highly recommend researching through reading, not random Google searches. The internet is a black hole that can suck

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The Secret to Getting Through Your Foster Kids Cold and Staying Sane!

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It’s SICK SEASON!!! Everyone is getting colds, and kids pass them on so easily. It was inevitable, I knew the kiddo was going to get a cold, and of course she did. This is the first time since we adopted

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Create A Storybook to Help Tell Your Adopted Child’s Story.

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The day we adopted our daughter I was anxious and excited, and incredibly overwhelmed with joy. We both realized our dreams could finally be cemented into a reality, our plan for the college fund, and the slumber parties at 13

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Create a Comfortable Foster Kid Bedroom Like A Pro

Use these tips to help create the perfect environment for your foster kiddos

Well life just got a little crazier in this household. We have decided that before we bring in any more kiddos, we need to replace our carpet. It’s old and yucky, and not a great color for kids (it’s white….

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