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Gift Giving Guide From Foster Kiddo to Their Bio Family

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Don’t know what to have your foster kiddo give their biological family during the holidays? Try some of these D.I.Y. ideas. Our first Christmas with our kiddo had us contemplating on what was appropriate when it came to gift giving

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How This Foster Mama Answers Rude Comments and Questions

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“Aren’t you afraid that she’s going to have… you know… issues?” A fellow colleague whispered to me in the staff lounge. I had been back from family leave for two days after a 10-week family leave. February 18th we had

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Thankful Sign, November Tradition

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Remembering what you are thankful for… This is an especially exciting year for us. This is our first holiday season where we are celebrating the holidays with our daughter as officially and forever ours. See, this time last year we

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From Infertility to Foster Care- How this Mama and Papa Built a Stronger Marriage

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I feel compelled to write this article following the last one, and wanted to be completely real with you. Since we’ve been re-doing the floors in our house we also decided to paint the rooms that we didn’t get around

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Lucky In Luv Book Club

Book club, foster parent, foster care

On a recent post I wrote on recommended foster parent reads, I suggested possibly starting up a book club where foster parents (or soon to be foster parents) would read a common book and share out strategies or Ah-Ha moments.

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From Infertility to Foster Care- Why This Mama Painted Her World Green

Foster Care, Foster Parenting, infertility, green

This story is a little harder to write. I have had it in my mind for a while, but the more personal ones are always harder to share with the world. If you’ve read my About the Mama page, you’ll

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Top 10 Books to Read to Prepare Yourself for Foster Parenting

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Before doing anything I over analyze and over research. Random google searches at midnight and books become my best friend. F.Y.I., I highly recommend researching through reading, not random Google searches. The internet is a black hole that can suck

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The Secret to Getting Through Your Foster Kids Cold and Staying Sane!

Plan ahead, sick kid, foster care, cold season

It’s SICK SEASON!!! Everyone is getting colds, and kids pass them on so easily. It was inevitable, I knew the kiddo was going to get a cold, and of course she did. This is the first time since we adopted

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Best Easy Home-Made Tomato Soup to get your Sick Kid Eating Again!

Coming from an Italian family, I have always loved the smell of tomato sauce. I remember when my grandmother would make tomato sauce when I was little, she would let me be the taste-tester to make sure it was seasoned

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Create A Storybook to Help Tell Your Adopted Child’s Story.

Adoption Story book, foster-care-to-adoption

The day we adopted our daughter I was anxious and excited, and incredibly overwhelmed with joy. We both realized our dreams could finally be cemented into a reality, our plan for the college fund, and the slumber parties at 13

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